Charity of the Month

A portion of every new vehicle sale is put directly back into the local community through a monthly charity donation. Every month we will donate $2000… any additional money we raise through our new vehicle sales will be donated during the holiday season when charities need it the most.


This year we are asking for your help to partner with 12+ organizations. Each month you can help us select a worthy charity in our community and we will donate $2,000.00.


Please take a moment and vote for your favorite organization and please help by nominating one for next month. Each organization can win once per year but can be nominated multiple months before winning. Be sure to let the organization know you nominated them and share this page on social media.


Here are the winning nominations from May 2019

The Furry Farm Rescue’s Mission is to reduce abandonment and euthanasia by providing a safe, structured, loving transition to a forever home. The Furry Farm Rescue was formed to assist the people who cannot afford the shelter surrender fee and are considering abandoning their animal, as well as supporting our local shelters by taking on dogs and cats that may be a little harder to adopt due to age, breed, health, or training issues. The Furry Farm Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit, whose mission is to reduce abandonment and euthanasia by providing a safe, structured, loving transition to a forever home. (Vote Below)

The Panhandle Autism Society (PAS) is a chapter of the Autism Society of America.
They are headquartered in Coeur d’ Alene, ID and serve the five northern counties of Idaho. They are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and our funding comes from donations, fundraising events, and foundation grants. 
(Vote Below)

Double J Dog Ranch is the Inland Northwest’s premier sanctuary and re-homing center for dogs with special needs. At DJDR, their focus is on the unique needs of each dog. This includes specialized vet care, training, therapies, acupuncture, end of life care and nourishing their souls….. (Vote Below)


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May 2019 – Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleep-in-Heavenly-Peace-DonationSleep in Heavenly Peace, Inc. (SHP) is a 501(c)3 Charitable organization founded in 2012 that builds bunk beds for local children, ages 3-17, who are sleeping on floors, couches, and other uncomfortable situations without beds. The local Spokane Chapter has been active since September 2017 building and delivering over 200 beds to date to local children in need. SHP is comprised of volunteers dedicated to finding those young children living without the luxury of sleeping on a bed or even laying their heads on a pillow. Through the wonderful efforts of our volunteers and generous donations, bunk beds are built, assembled and delivered to those children who are otherwise sleeping on couches, blankets or even floors. Their mission statement, “NO KID SLEEPS ON THE FLOOR IN OUR TOWN!” ensures that our local children have a bed to sleep in.

Many agencies, government, state, and non-profit, are designed to assist with food, shelter, healthcare, etc. However, no agency is tasked with providing beds for children. This is where Sleep in Heavenly Peace comes in. SHP is the only charity providing hand-made bunk beds to children who don’t have beds of their own. They deliver these beds, equipped with mattresses, sheets, pillows and a blanket to kiddos in need, they also partner with organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals to build them at events called “Build Days!” Sleep in Heavenly Peace schedules events called “Build Days” where the construction of the beds are done. Starting with a pile of wood, drills, sanders, saws and paint brushes, bunk beds are completed from a simple design that takes no woodworking experience to learn. During these Build Days, experienced volunteers show and teach other volunteers the different stages of the construction process. Following each build day, volunteers help deliver the beds to local families that requested and qualified for a one. Additionally, Build Days facilitate community engagement by providing a fun and practical opportunity to volunteer their time.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, donating or sponsoring, and upcoming events, please visit our website at or the local Spokane Chapter Facebook Page or contact Jan Spackman, local Chapter President via email at


April-Charity-of-the-monthApril 2019 – Team Hoyt Coeur d’Alene


In 2016, Team Hoyt Coeur d’ Alene was created in the shadow of the famed running and triathlon duo of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Team Hoyt is a nonprofit organization that emphasizes inclusion, opportunity, and love. It is life changing and all about saying “Yes You Can”! The team is made up of rider athletes and pusher athletes.


Rider Athletes

For the Rider Athletes, the experience is an opportunity they may never have had. Most have not been able to be part of a team or to participate in community activities such as a local road race. Now they are out in the fresh air and sunshine, running, and being cheered on by their team and spectators at the race. People are cheering for them! For many, it is an experience that allows them to feel just like everyone else. Team Hoyt provides the opportunity for this to happen.

Pusher Athletes

For the Pusher Athletes, the experience can be life changing as well. Many of our pushers have competed alone in many races and for many years. Comments and reactions from the first-time pushers are frequently that “this was the most fun I’ve ever had at a race”.  Many of our pushers feel a renewed sense of joy in racing now that they are with their Team Hoyt rider athlete.

No Cost

“Through generous donations received from our wonderfully supportive North Idaho community, we will continue to open our hearts and loan our legs to those who want to be a part of our team.” There’s is no cost for the special needs athlete at any time. Our 100% volunteer organization supplies all equipment, clothing, entry fees, and if the athlete doesn’t have a friend or family member who runs we supply a runner teammate. The races are fun and the bond lasts forever.


Anyone with a disability is encouraged to join the team for the running, for the camaraderie, and for the fun! All ages and all types of disability are welcome.

“Together the two are so much greater than two separate parts.” Yes, You Can!”




March 2019 – Camp Journey @ Ross Point


Camp Journey is a camp providing a community of hope for children and their families touched by cancer.  Dealing with childhood cancer can sometimes make “just being a kid” seem out of reach—and out of scope for the whole family.

At Camp Journey, their goal is to change that perception and that reality. In this nurturing, medically supervised home-away-from-home, young cancer survivors can leave their worries behind for one magical week and immerse themselves in a fun-filled outdoor camp experience tailored expressly to their needs. Meanwhile, their families and caregivers can rest easy, knowing that trained oncology staff is on-site 24/7.

Resident Camp

Activities: Swimming, beach games, Arts & Crafts, hikes, singing, campfires, special theme-related activities, and even a nap!

  • A child diagnosed with cancer on active cancer therapy.
  • A child who had bone marrow transplant (BMT) or stem cell transplantation (SCT).
  • A child who has completed cancer therapy.
  • A sibling of a child attending camp diagnosed with cancer (on or off therapy) or who had a BMT or SCT.
  • A friend of a child attending camp diagnosed with cancer (on or off therapy) or who had BMT or SCT.
  • A sibling who has attended camp in the past, who lost their brother or sister within the past 2 years, can attend camp for one year.
  • A child from Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Day Camp

Day Camp is a separate program from Resident Camp.  Day Camp is for cancer survivors only (no siblings/friends).  Programming is designed specifically to meet the needs of these young ones and staffing is provided to accommodate them one-on-one as needed.

  • A child diagnosed with cancer in active therapy.
  • A child who had a bone marrow transplant (BMY) or stem cell transplantation (SCT).
  • A child who has completed cancer therapy.
  • A child from Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

No Cost

With roots dating to 1985, Camp Journey is a no-cost resident and day camp for children diagnosed with cancer, both on and off therapy. The camp gives these children the opportunity to spend a week in the outdoors, participating in typical camp activities while making friends with others who understand and share their situation. Along the way, they develop independence and confidence, learn new skills, and make memories to last a lifetime. The generous donations from caring individuals, organizations and foundations make this unique camp available without cost to campers and their families.


Volunteers are recruited, carefully screened and attend special training specific to this camp.     Ensuring the safety and health of the campers is our top priority.  To apply to be a  volunteer go to




February 2019 – All Heart Infusion


All Heart Infusion is a nonprofit nursing organization located in Spokane, WA. Founded in September of 2017 in response to the immediate need in our community for expert home infusion nursing. All Heart Infusion provides care to all those in need regardless of their ability to pay.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

While they are a new organization, their nurses have over 100 years of combined experience in infusion nursing and over 80 years of combined experience in pediatric nursing. Infusion nursing is a specialty and deals specifically with intravenous care. In many cases their patients have some form of a central line, allowing direct access to their heart, while also requiring a great deal of care to ensure the line stays clear of infection. These techniques are then shared with caregivers, whether that be a mom, dad, loved one or the patient themselves. Their nurses travel up to 200 miles outside of Spokane and into Idaho to visit their patients, often times once a week.

Charity Care Program

It is through their Charity Care program that they fulfill their mission. Through this program, they are able to provide the highest quality of care free of charge to patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or have no coverage for our care with the many of them falling below the federal poverty level. In 2018 their nurses provided more than $120,000 of charity care to the people of the Inland Northwest.

All Heart Infusion is always in need of Volunteers if you are interested in jumping on board visit our website, then fill out our volunteer application.

“We lead with our hearts, we care with our hearts – because we are All Heart Infusion!”



January 2019 – Hospice of North Idaho



Hospice of North Idaho has the area’s only pre-hospice Palliative Care Program. Families who started our services earlier in their journey said they felt more prepared, that they had time to say goodbye, and that their loved one was at ease.


IN-HOME, HOSPICE CARE – Wherever You Call “Home”

Develop a unique plan for meeting personal goals and wishes. Whether in a residence or a skilled nursing facility, our staff offers holistic support for patients, families, and caregivers along the journey. Choose from any of our specialty-care and volunteer services.




Receive pre-hospice, palliative care in-home or the place you call home while maintaining your choice of a health care team and medical treatments.




Built in 2011, the Schneidmiller House began from the community’s vision. North Idaho needed a place of comfort care when with 24-hour nursing support is needed, and where families experience a peaceful home-like setting as an alternative to a hospital setting.




Family caregivers find added support for their efforts with respite care. Ask your Hospice Nurse about getting expert nursing care for your loved one for up to 5-days per month at the Schneidmiller House.




Supportive Care includes social work, counseling, grief and loss, spiritual care and volunteer support.