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Findlay Jeep is joining the Duck Duck Jeep mission to help share the enthusiasm for the most iconic SUV brand ever. For decades, Jeep owners have had the wave, and now they have a new way to connect with one another. We’re going around town putting rubber ducks on Jeeps.


The Social Media Phenomenon That Is Sweeping Across Jeep Nation.

The Jeep Ducking craze is now popular in the U.S., but according to the Massachusetts-based Taunton Daily Gazette, it was started in Ontario by Allison Parliament, a Canadian woman.
Parliament is from Orillia, Ontario, but also works in Alabama. In July, after returning to Canada, quarantining for two weeks and being tested for COVID-19, she went out and was approached by a stranger. According to her report to the newspaper, the man grabbed her shoulders, pushed her back into her vehicle, and swore at her and said she wasn’t welcome in Canada. She said she was attacked because of pandemic concerns over her Alabama license plate.
Instead of fighting back, she thought doing something fun would make her feel better. So she and her friends bought a rubber duck and left it, with a note, on someone’s Jeep they saw parked nearby. The Jeep’s owner thought it was funny, so Parliament posted it on Facebook and the craze took off.

Some 3,000 people responded to the post in the first week, and there are now 100,000 members in the private Official Ducking Jeeps group on Facebook. People have snapped photos of ducks on Jeeps in all fifty states, almost all Canadian provinces, and many places around the world. In less than a year, this single act of random kindness has turned into a global phenomenon.


How to Duck a Jeep?

Duck Duck Jeeps Game Rules

  1. You Need Ducks & Tags/Note to Play!

To duck another Jeep, you will need ducks & tags. Luckily, we make this easy by selling them together in a packs! Like a 10, 20, 50, and 100 pack.. Check them out here

  1. Next, Find a Jeep.

All Jeeps are welcome to play! This includes Wranglers, Cherokees, etc! This is where you will be placing your duck and tag.

  1. Put Your Tag/Note on Your Duck!

Attach tag/note to the duck. The tag/note explains what Duck Duck Jeeps is and lets the person know that they got ducked. It also gives them a place to post a picture of the ducking.

  1. Place the Duck on the Jeep!

The duck needs to be placed in a visible spot on the Jeep. On the hood or in the door handle are good spots. The drivers seat is a good spot if the doors are off. This way the driver can see it. Either go back to your vehicle and watch for the owner to come back, or leave!

  1. Congratulations, you have made someone’s day!

The whole point of Duck Duck Jeeps is to spread positivity within the community. With this random act of kindness, it can shine a little more light on someones day!

  1. Keep it nice and friendly!

No negativity is needed! Positivity only! If you cannot be a good sport, please do not participate. Thank you.


There really are no set rules; the whole point is to perform a random act of kindness, after all. Not only does this bring a smile to a stranger’s face, but Jeepers are finding creative ways to use these ducks to spread the word about local Jeep groups, gain followers on social media, and even advertise their business.
Like the Jeep Wave, Jeep Ducking is helping to create a broader Jeep community, but it isn’t without controversy as some Jeep owners take things a little too seriously. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and spreading a little happiness.


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